Introduction: IntelliCogno is a startup company located at FAU Techrunway. We are currently developing various products catering to cities, municipalities, warehouse & aviation industry using deep learning AI & computer vision. 

We were one of the chosen one at Techrunway launch competition.

Job description: We are looking for a product developer & designer who is dynamic, creative & hardworking with a niche in AI and computer vision technologies to join our team. 

As a Director of product development, this person will be helping the existing team to develop next generation AI & neural network products. 


  1. A strong background in programming and systems analysis. 
  2. Fluency in machine learning techniques and has successfully trained multiple ML model. 
  3. Mastery over several computer languages including proficiency in Python.
  4. Expert working in the linux environment. 
  5. Knowledge and understanding of network, neural n/w, distributed computing and applications. 
  6. Experience with few deep learning frameworks, e.g., TensorFlow, PyTorch, Caffe
  7. Strong ability to train deep artificial neural network computational models. 
  8. Strong leadership qualities 
  9. Self-starter with excellent interpersonal & communications skills. 
  10. Ability to work in a team environment.


  1. Will be able to work in a startup environment. 
  2. Potential equity in the company. 
  3. Will be able to gain vast experience & knowledge in the AI domain. 
  4. Ability to work with peers with vast experience and who have Ph.Ds. & multiple master degrees. 

Please email resume to